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International Symposium on Intrauterine Devices and Systems for Women's Health

- Virtual Series -

The Symposium is now complete. Thank you to everyone who participated. You may view videos of the events using the links below, and read our recap in Contraception here.

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Event 1:


David Hubacher: Brief History of the IUD Symposia: 1962-2006

Panel I: IUD Removal
Moderator: Tina Raine-Bennett
Diana Greene Foster: Desire for Control over IUD Removal
Jennifer Amico: IUD Removal Access and Obstacles

Panel II: IUD Care During COVID-19
Moderator: Carolyn Westhoff
Gillian Dean: IUD Care During COVID-19: United States Case Study
Gathari Ndirangu: IUD Services During COVID-19 Pandemic: International Perspectives
Michael Policar: Changes in LARC Visits During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency


Event 2:


Panel I: Patients First: The importance of centering patients' voices in clinical care and research 
Moderator: Tina Raine-Bennett
Jamila Perritt: What Does it Mean to Center Patients for IUD Care and Research?
Liza Fuentes: Patient-Centered Contraceptive Care and IUD Access
Christine Dehlendorf: Tools for Patient-Centered IUD Care

Panel II: US and Global Demographics of IUD Use
Moderator: David Hubacher
Moazzam Ali: Global Overview on IUD Prevalence, Access, Trends over Time
Megan Kavanaugh: IUD Use in the United State: Trends and Characteristics
Yan Che: IUD Usage and Devices in China

Event 3:


Moderator: Carolyn Westhoff

Bimla Schwarz: Current IUD Technology and Performance

Panel: IUD Adverse Events

Klaas Heinemann: Perforation
Beatrice Chen: Infections

Rebecca Allen: Pain
Maureen Baldwin: Bleeding
Luis Bahamondes: Common Reasons for Discontinuation 

Event 4:


Panel I: Programs Increasing Access in the USA and in Lower/Middle-Income Countries
Moderator: Ricky Lu
Tessa Madden: The Contraceptive CHOICE Project: Reducing Barriers to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception
Anita Makins: The Global Context of Post Partum Family Planning: The FIGO PPIUD Initiative
Caitlin Quade: Family Planning Elevated: Increasing Contraceptive Access in Utah

Panel II: What's Next with the Hormonal IUS? A Global Update
Moderator: Kate Rademacher
Tabitha Sripipatana & Anna Hazelwood: Hormonal IUS Access Group
Jim Sailer: ICA Foundation
Susan Ontiri: Kenya IUD Landscape: IUS Introduction


Event 5:


Panel I: Level 1 Evidence Validating Observational Studies 
Moderator: Mitch Creinin
Cynthia Harper: Level 1 Evidence from a Cluster Randomized Trial
David Hubacher: Not Seeking Yet Trying Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: A 24-Month Randomized Trial
Paula Bednarek: Immediate Versus Delayed IUD Insertion Following First Trimester Uterine Aspiration: A Randomized Trial

Panel II: Expansive Applications for IUDs
Moderator: Jill Long
Anita Nelson: Treatment of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Melissa Natavio: Do Intrauterine Devices Have a Role in Cancer Prevention?
David Turok: Randomized Clinical Trial Assessing Pregnancy for IUDs as EC (RAPID EC)

Event 6:


Panel I: Expanding IUD Service to Adolescent, Transgender, and Postabortion Patients
Moderator: Anita Nelson
Stephanie Teal: Contraception for Adolescents and Young Women
Jen Hastings: IUDs for Transmasculine, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Persons
Paula Bednarek: IUD Use Following Abortion Care

Access to IUDs: Real Life Challenges to Bringing Evidence to Policies and Practice
Moderator: Lisa Haddad
Presenters: Michelle H. Moniz, Alina Salganicoff, Kristina Gemzell Danielsson


Event 7:


Panel I: Emerging Technology
Moderator: Diana Blithe
David Turok: A Novel Platform Design for Copper & LNG IUDs
Kim A. Woodrow: Concepts for IUD Functional Integrations to Expand Applications in Women's Health
Regine Sitruk-Ware, Vivian Brache: Proof of Concept Study Evaluating a Copper Intrauterine Contraceptive System Releasing Three Different doses of UPA

Panel II: Identifying Goals for the Next Ten Years
Moderator: Alison Edelman
Sadia Haider: Reproductive Justice: Informing Contraceptive Research
Kathryn M. Curtis: Updating CDC's Contraception Guidelines
Lisa Haddad: Defining the Future Research Agenda

to About

Organizing Committee

Diana Blithe

Diana Blithe, PhD

Chief, Contraceptive Development Program, NICHD


Ricky Lu, MD

Director, Family Planning and 

Reproductive Health, Jhpiego


Lisa Haddad, MD, MS, MPH

Medical Director, Center for Biomedical Research

Population Council

Ania Nelson

Anita Nelson, MD

Professor and Chair

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Western University of Health Sciences

Davi Hubacher

David Hubacher, PhD MPH

Senior Epidemiologist, FHI 360

Carolyn Westhoff

Carolyn L. Westhoff, MD MSc

Editor, Contraception

Director, Division of Family Planning & Preventive Services, 

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Supported in part by

Bayer Health Care

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Sebela Pharmaceuticals

Mona Lisa

A medical education grant from Cooper Surgical


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